Free and Public Usenet News Servers
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Commercial Usenet News Servers

Occasionally I get email requests for a reference to a good site that sells Usenet News. I have listed several commercial servers on this page. Anyone that works for any of these services and would like to add to the information here, please feel free to contact me.


Active file transfer
New articles per sec


Last active scan
Number of servers

In the table below, if there is not information in a field, it doesn't mean anything specific. Some services I just haven't had time to look at yet, others don't give me enough access without joining to see what they really have to offer. If I don't make a comment it usually means that I had no real opinion about the service, they were just "average".

Indexed Servers

Their description of themselves
Services Provided
Monthly Fee
110,000+ Newsgroups
Days Text Retention
Multi Gigabit Backbone
Servers in the Asia, Europe & the USA
text group server
spam filtering
5GB/Mo $4.99
10GB/Mo $8.99
50GB/Mo $14.99
Unlimited $24.99
Giganews Newsgroups

Giganews Usenet provides one of the most complete newsfeeds available with very few missing posts. They also provide spam filtering and an unlimited download package. Great as your primary provider or just to download fills.

110,000 newsgroups
days of retention across binary newsgroups
2+ years of retention across text newsgroups.
Unlimited and metered plans.
30-60 simultaneous connections.
SSL Encryption and Lightning Accelerator (header compression tool) included with all plans.
110,000 newsgroups
days retention across binary newsgroups
2+ years retention across Text newsgroups
Up to 20 simultaneous connections
Separate Spool and Reader machines
Alternate server names to help choose fastest route
8GB/month download limit

They have a very impressive appearing configuration. Also, with the separate names based on the DS3 connection, users can use traceroute (or connect using all 3), to get the best possible connections.

110,000+ Newsgroups
unlimited GB Usenet
unlimited speed
servers in amsterdam & north america
256-bit ssl encryption
800 days of binary retention
30 simultaneous connections
$11.99/month for unlimited usenet

Unindexed Servers

Their description of themselves
Services Provided
Monthly Fee
2,800 MHz of processing power!
8,000+ MB of RAM!
10,000 Gig Spool drive on a full array!
Some of the longest retention times available!
Quad T-3 Backbone
Capable of handling THOUSANDS of simultaneous connections, without breaking a sweat!
3 Anonymous Servers
$6 every 30 days by credit card

They operate their own servers. They have a ton of available bandwidth using their Quad T-3 backbone. They do not log who posted articles to their servers. And, finally, my personal connection speed to them is excellent.

  • 110,000 newsgroups
  • controversial uncensored groups
  • instant access
  • OC-12 connections to the internet
This is our new high speed, super retention, maximum completion server. This server is guaranteed to bury your DSL/Broadband connection. Users consistently reach 1.5mbps on DSL lines. Average completion on most mp3 groups is 98% or higher.
5 specialized servers
1 carries all the adult groups
1 carries all the binary groups
500MB/day download limit
$8.95 per month