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Press Releases

Exciting Service and Website Upgrades (04/04/2013)
NNTP-Only plan retention upgrade (09/23/2011)
Trial Accounts upgraded to 100GB (06/15/2011) OFFER EXPIRED
New NNTP-Only Plan (04/26/2011)

Easynews Review

Easynews has been providing Usenet news since 1995. They provide a simple, web-based newsreader.

The ease of using the web-based newsreader is a very strong selling point for this provider. Reading, viewing and listening to usenet articles is as simple as pointing your web browser at, logging in and searching for content. Easynews understands that some users might prefer to use their own Usenet browser and other applications for working with usenet. To accommodate these power users, they also provide an unlimited NNTP package free to all of their Big Gig Account holders. It is also available for only $9.95/month when added to their other accounts.

Web-based Newsgroup Browser

Zip Manager

NNTP Access

14day/10GB free trial

A credit card is required to register for your account, but will not be charged until after the free trial period or bandwidth limit is exceeded
  • All Accounts

    Browser-based newsreader
    256-bit SSL
    Thumbnail Previews
    365/24 Support
    NZB File Support
    Zip Manager
    Pre-Assembled Multi-part Binaries
  • Easynews Big Gig

    $29.94 monthly
    150GB Web Downloads
    400 Days Web Retention
    Free Unlimited NNTP
    3750GB Rollover Bank
    12GB Loyalty bonus
  • Easynews Plus

    $14.97 monthly
    40GB Web Downloads
    400 Days Web Retention
    Unlimited NNTP for $9.95
    1000GB Rollover Bank
    2GB Loyalty bonus
  • Classic

    $9.98 monthly
    20GB Web Downloads
    400 Days Web Retention
    Unlimited NNTP for $9.95
    500GB Rollover Bank
    1GB Loyalty bonus