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Giganews Usenet Review

Giganews Usenet has long been at the cutting edge of the Tier-1 NNTP service providers.

A little more detail on the speed of the connection I get from Giganews Usenet; I am located in Independence, MO just outside Kansas City, I have a Comcast business class connection and I used the Newsgroup Download Speed Test on the link I gave above.
Looking at my search page you can see that I get comparable active file transfer speed from Giganews Usenet as I get from "MY SERVER" which is literally sitting 6-inches away on a GigE connection. I hope this is just because of the old 486 machine that I am running news on, and the large number of peers it connects to, and not a reflection of my networks actual performance. Either way, the connection speed from Giganews Usenet is impressive.

Giganews Usenet has consistently added new services and features, many that are available to all users and some which come free to Diamond account members. Features added in just the past few years include:

  • VyprVPN - a secure, encrypted internet connection that protects your privacy. VyprVPN is free to Diamond account users, or available for separate purchase from the developer, GoldenFrog. Versions are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad/iTouch and Android operating systems.
  • Giganews Accelerator - provides header compression for improved download speeds and 256-bit SSL encryption for all accounts.
    This provides what I call "poor man's privacy" for your account, ie. encryption prevents your ISP from seeing what groups you are downloading from, etc. However, it is still possible for your ISP to know what sites and/or what services (HTTP/S, NNTP/S, etc) you are using from those sites, which they can use for various things including throttling your connection speeds.
  • MIMO Browser - a full usenet browser with built-in support for RAR and PAR files, threaded message reading and image viewing. It also has an integrated search feature, built-in Giganews Accelerator and has been optimized to deal with Giganews' large retention time and article count. MIMO is included free with all accounts, unlike most other usenet browsers on the market, this one is still under active development by Giganews and GoldenFrog.

  • Unlimited Plans

    Days Retention
    256-bit SSL
  • Diamond Plan

    $21.99 per month
    $10.99 per month for the first month
    50 connections
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  • Platinum Plan

    $19.99 per month
    20 connections
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  • Metered Plans

    256-bit SSL
    20 connections
  • Silver Plan

    $14.99 per month
    50GB Transer
    Days Retention
  • Bronze Plan

    $9.99 per month
    10GB Transer
    Days Retention
  • Pearl Plan

    $4.99 per month
    5GB Transer
    30 Days Retention
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