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Exciting Easynews Upgrades � Checkout the New Easynews

Phoenix, AZ�April 4, 2013�

EASYNEWS , the world's original and unrivaled browser‑based Usenet newsgroup provider, today announced the launch of several new features including a completely new site design, a new registration checkout system and, for the first time ever, doubled retention for its web‑based Usenet access.

The new gives visitors a fresh new experience. Not only is it cleaner and easier to navigate, but also the new registration process has been implemented to give users a simpler and faster way to create an account. Now with a transparent 4‑step registration process, Easynews customers will be able to start browsing over tens of thousands of Usenet newsgroups right from the Easynews web‑Usenet browser in no time.

Easynews also announced today that it has invested heavily in its infrastructure build‑out and will now offer increased retention for its web‑based (HTTP) Usenet access. Previously only available with its NNTP Usenet access, Easynews will now offer 2X the retention through its web‑Usenet interface. A testing phase will be conducted from April 4, 2013 to April 30, 2013 during which web retention will start at 400 days, which is double the current 200 days of retention (150 days for Classic subscribers), and will continue to slowly ramp up beyond 400 days of retention. During this limited time only, all current subscribers will receive the increased retention for free.

Stay tuned as Easynews continues to deploy additional hardware and software upgrades benefiting customers worldwide.

About Easynews :

Easynews is the most versatile Usenet provider in the world and offers a unique, easy and fast browser‑based newsgroup interface that eliminates the need for any third‑party newsreader client software. Subscribers are able to search, preview and download files directly from their favorite web browser from any location in the world. With over 15 years of service and expertise, Easynews continues to provide premium and all‑inclusive web based Usenet access to users worldwide.

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