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Special Offer has set up special pricing for my users. You can get their top-of-the-line, unlimited Secure account with days Retention for only $9.99/month for the life of your account. Service Provider Review has been providing Usenet newsgroup access since 2004. During my testing I was very pleased to see that they have transfer speeds, article retention and article completion that is close to that of some of the Tier-1 providers I have reviewed in the past.

Account Features

24/7 Support - provides 24/7 support coverage, so you never have to wait until Monday to call when you have problems.

Days Retention - has some of the longest binary retention times even rivaling some of the Tier-1 providers claims.

Download Speed - has unlimited download speeds. During my testing I was able to completely saturate my internet connection while downloading an approximately 4GB binary from their servers.

Connections - provides 15 or 30 connections depending on if you select the Value or Secure accounts respectively

Alternate Ports - allows users to connect to their servers on multiple ports to help avoid bandwidth throttling by a users ISP, or on rare occasions, complete blocking of Usenet Servers by an ISP. Un-encrypted connections are possible on ports 23(telnet), 80(http) and 119(nntp). Encrypted access is available on ports 443(https) and 563(nntps).

Server Farms - has server farms in the USA, Europe and Asia. Users can connect to various servers to figure out which provides the fastest download speeds.

Personal Privacy

Downloads - does not track which articles you are downloading from their Usenet servers

Newsgroups - does not track what newsgroups you are accessing

256-bit SSL Encryption - provides encrypted connections using 256-bit SSL as part of their Secure account. SSL Encryption prevents your ISP from being able to tell what newsgroups and/or articles you are viewing

Try for Free today

There are some things about their service which might be a concern to some users. However, none of them really detract from the quality of the service.

Issue Solution
No article posting Many users never post to usenet, but those that want to will need to use another provider
No Newsreader Provided 24x7 support is available to help with some configuration issues.

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