Usenet Search Utilities & Newsgroup Server Reviews

If you know or work for a Service Provider and would like for me to post a review of your service, please tell me about it.

  • Tier-1 Provider
  • Free Trial
  • # of Connections
  • Article Retention
  • Download limits
  • Connection Speed
  • 256-bit SSL
  • Extras
    • Free Browser
    • Web Interface
    • Header Compression
    • Virtual Private Network
    • Online Storage
    • Data Blocks

Over the years I have had a lot of people ask me to suggest a Usenet provider for them. Because I have been doing this so long, many of the providers have provided me with free accounts to test, so I do have some knowledge of many of their services and why I would or in some cases would not use them. This web page has been created to act as a central repository of NNTP service providers and when I have time, my reviews of their offerings.